It’s time for another prescription! Get your fill here!

Greetings hairy-lipped readers,

First and foremost I am excited to announce that last week’s first prescription contained only one grammatical error! This may be far less important or thrilling to you, but I used to proof-read things for fun in college. AND, since I am pushing this whole “doctor” persona, I better be on my A-game-I don’t want to be one of those MDs who write scripts you can’t even read, you know? I know you do…
It’s Thursday again, and I’m glad you made your appointment. If you came last week youmay have picked up on the tone of the visit- I wanted to administer your treatment without cramming it down your throats (say “Ahhhh!”), specifically its connection to the events at Occupy Wall Street (and everywhere) over the past month (plus!). This movement is nothing short of massively inspirational to individuals and the whole, and I kicked off doctoring you fine folks with trialed and tested druggery. However, the true nature of this column is to try out some new concoctions-those maybe not yet approved by the FDA (Finally Dug by All, in this case.) Here is your first, more localized anesthesia. At some point I am going to have to do research on medical terms or this is going to get old (and inaccurate) fast.

Shepard McCallum and Sena Clara Creston are past Brooklynites and original Potion Collective pioneers. Despite having moved out of the city, they continue a strong connection with fellow area musicians and creators-I have never met them, yet I feel like I have. This week I prescribe their more recently formed Americana duo Ask & Embla, in particular the demo “Occupy.” It is folky, insightful, and very human, weaving sung/chant-like lyrics in between longer instrumental passages, as if each set of words gives your mind a mini-soundtrack for processing before the next batch. “Why, why we occupy?/to see the buffalo/to see our children grow”-native and forward-looking, simultaneously.

The entire track plays like a musical representation of being at OWS- they even let us journey to the setting of the occupation with them before vocals enter- a minute-and-a-half trip by train or bus to the park-percussion, guitar, and haunting piano gradua
lly building up to arrival at the site, where the drum circles and human noise fully erupt.
You can find their music at
Please enjoy, like, and take liberally.
-Dr. Beam

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